We Are Experts

Golden Valley Seed has more than 50 years of history beginning as the Neuman Seed Company in 1952 and becoming Golden Valley Seed in 1998. The present management team has extensive experience and expertise in vegetable variety breeding, varietal evaluation, seed production, seed delivery, and marketing for world-wide markets. We all believe that it is your customer who must be satisfied for our company to be successful.

Golden Valley Seed is a developer, producer and marketer of vegetable seeds for the vegetable producing markets of the world. The company uses traditional breeding programs to offer enhanced vegetable varieties. Its varieties are designed to offer extended shelf life, increased yields, more disease resistances to reduce dependence on chemical inputs, higher product quality for longer shipping capabilities, with increased nutritional content and better flavor. Since its inception in 1998 Golden Valley Seed has established an international presence with worldwide distribution.

Golden Valley Seed markets seed in 5 International Brands:
  • Golden Valley Seed
  • Seed Export
  • Neuman Seed
  • Sun Valley Select Seed
  • American Seed