Golden Valley Seed Product List
Artichoke Alcaucil Artichaut
Emerald PVP
Green Globe
Imperial Star PVP
Asparagus Esparrago Asperge
Mary Washington
UC 157 F-2
Brock Imperial
UC 157 F-1
Ida Lee F-1
Beets Remolacha Betterave
Crosby’s Egyptian
Detroit Dark Red
Early Wonder
Broccoli Broculi Brocoli
Green Sprouting Calabrese
Waltham 29
Hybrid NS 649
Cabbage Repollo Choux
Copenhagen Market
Golden Acre
Mammoth Red Rock
Tropic Giant F-1
Tropic Special F-1
Cantaloupe Melon Melon
Casaba Golden Beauty
Edisto 47
Honeydew Greenflesh
Honeydew Orangeflesh
Top Mark
Yellow Canary
Cantaloupe / Melon Hybrids
Alia F-1 Hybrid
Amur F-1 Hybrid
Ananas F-1 Hybrid
Ananas Hybrid PMR DMR
Assal F-1 Hybrid
GVS 301 (Ananas type)
GVS 302 (Ananas type)
GVS 303 (Ananas type)
GVS 304 (Ananas type)
Hala F-1 Hybrid
Ma Cheri F-1 Hybrid
Yellow Canary PMR F-1 Hybrid
GVS WS 100 (Western Shipper type)
GVS HDG 200 (Honeydew Green Flesh type)
GVS HDO 400 (Honeydew Orange Flesh type)
Carrot Zanahoria Carrotte
Chantenay Red Core
Danvers 126
Imperator 58
Nantes Scarlet
Royal Chantenay
Shin Kuroda
Cauliflower Coliflor Chou-fleur
Snowball X
Snowball Y Improved
Baida F-1 Hybrid
Celery Apio Celeri
Giant Pascal
Tall Utah 52-70 Improved
Cucumber Pepino Concombre
Armenian Dark Green (Mekti)
Armenian Yard Long (White Snake)
Beit Alpha MR
Poinsett 76
Cucumber Hybrids
Alpha Best CMV MMV PMR DMR F-1 Hybrid
Calypso F-1 Hybrid
F-1 Beit Alpha CMV MMV DMR PMR
F-1 Beit Alpha CMV MMV
Magic F-1 Hybrid (Beit Alpha type)
Cucumber Parthenocarpic Hybrids
Amal F-1 Hybrid (Beit Alpha type)
GVS 18209 F-1 Hybrid (Beit Alpha type)
Mirna F-1 Hybrid (Beit Alpha type)
Nariman F-1 Hybrid (Beit Alpha type)
Eggplant Berenjena Aubergine
Black Beauty
Florida Market
Long Purple
Herbs Condimentos Herbes
Basil - Italian
Coriander Moroccan
Coriander Long Standing
Coriander Turbo
Fennel Selma
Fennel Zefa Fino
Lettuce Lechuga Laitue
(Crisphead Types)
Great Lakes 118
Great Lakes 366
Great Lakes 407
Great Lakes 659
(Leaf Types)
Black Seeded Simpson
Dark Green Cos
Parris Island Cos
Parris White Cos  
Okra Quimbombo Gombo
Clemson 80
Clemson Spineless
Arabica F-1 Hybrid
Onion Cebolla Oignon
(Yellow Short Day Hybrids)
Dura Rock F-1
Early Premium F-1
Early Sweet F-1
Hard Rock F-1
Oro Pronto F-1
Super Rock F-1
Super Yellow Granex F-1
Titanium F-1
Yellow Granex PRR
(Yellow Short Day Open Pollinated)
Texas Early Grano 502 PRR
(White Short Day Hybrids)
Oro Blanco F-1
Pure Pearl F-1
White Diamond Dehydrator F-1
White Globe F-1
White Gold F-1
White Rock F-1 Hybrid
White Stone Dehydrator F-1
(White Short Day Open Pollinated)
Crystal White Wax
Eclipse (L303)
White Creole PRR
White Grano
(Red Short Day Hybrids)
California Red F-1
Red Chief F-1
Red Commander F-1
Red Flame F-1
Red Prince F-1
Red Star F-1
Royal Red F-1
(Red Short Day Open Pollinated)
Red Burgundy
Red Creole C-5 PRR
Red Grano PRR
(Yellow Intermediate Hybrids)
Bonanza F-1
Imperial Brown F-1
(Yellow Intermediate Open Pollinated)
Yellow Sweet Spanish Utah
Yellow Sweet Spanish Valencia
(Red Intermediate Hybrids)
GVS 36128 F-1
Sangre de Toro F-1
(Red Intermediate Open Pollinated)
Red Amposta
Stockton Red
(Brown Intermediate Hybrids)
GVS 36079 F-1
GVS 36125 F-1
GVS 36126 F-1
GVS 36127 F-1
GVS 36129 F-1
GVS 36292 F-1
GVS 36333 F-1
(White Intermediate Open Pollinated)
White Sweet Spanish Utah
White Sweet Spanish Valencia
Cachanilla (GVS 36008)
Evergreen Bunching
Southport 404
Tokyo Long White
White Ringmaster
White Lisbon
Parsley Perejil Persil
Dark Green Italian
Triple Curled
Plain or Single
Pepper Pimiento Poivron
California Wonder
California Wonder 300 TMR
Hungarian Sweet Wax
Keystone Resistant Giant No. 3
Sweet Banana
Yolo Wonder
Cayenne Large Red Thick
Cayenne Long Red Thin
College 64L (Anaheim)
Hungarian Yellow Wax Hot
Jalapeño Early
Jalapeño M
Pepper Hybrid Sweet Bell
GVS 43221 F-1 (California Wonder blocky type)
GVS 43326 F-1 (Lamuyo type)
GVS 43461 F-1 (elongated bell)
GVS L' Orange F-1
Yellow Wonder F-1 (elongated yellow bell)
Pepper Hybrid Hot
Colorado F-1 (Cayenne thin)
Durango F-1 (Cayenne thick)
GVS Jalapeño HPJ 2001
GVS Jalapeño HPJ 2002
Jalisco F-1 (Jalapeño)
Pumpkin Calabaza Potiron
Big Max
Connecticut Field
Jack O’Lantern
Radish Rabano Radis
Cherry Belle
Crimson Giant
Spinach Espinaca Epinard
Squash Zapallo (Calabacita) Courgette
Black Beauty
Black Zucchini
Dark Green Zucchini
Grey Zucchini
Round Zucchini
Vegetable Marrow White Bush
Alexandria F-1
Amira F-1
Azabache F-1
Carmelita F-1
Clarissa F-1
Hasna F-1
King F-1
Mercin F-1
Lancer F-1
Premiere F-1
Raghad F-1
Rita F-1
Señorita F-1
Starlita F-1
Storr’s Green F-1
Argonaut F-1 (Mediterranean)
Waltham Butternut
Swiss Chard Acelga Poiree
Charlotte Select
Fordhook Giant
Large White Ribbed
Tomato Tomate Tomato
(Fresh Market Open Pollinated)
Ace 55 VF
Marmande VF
Red Cherry Large
San Marzano
Santa Cruz Kada Gigante
Tropic VF
(Dual Purpose Open Pollinated)
Cal Rock VFFN
Raad VF
Red Stone
Rio Fuego
Rio Grande
Super Blocky VFN
Super Rio Grande
Super Strain B
(Processor Open Pollinated)
Chico III
Peto 86
Roma VF
Strain B
UC 82
Tomato Tomate Tomato (Fresh Market Hybrids)
Caesar F-1
Delta F-1
Melody F-1
Monte Cristo F-1
GVS 265 F-1
GVS 266 F-1
GVS 267 F-1
Tiba F-1
(Extended Shelf Life Fresh Market Hybrids)
Rawaj F-1
Suzi F-1
GVS 51642 F-1
GVS 51643 F-1
GVS 51644 F-1
GVS 6016 F-1 TYLCV
GVS 6019 F-1
GVS 416 F-1
GVS 516 F-1
GVS 944 F-1
GVS 947 F-1
GVS 948 F-1
(Extended Shelf Life Indeterminate Hybrids)
Azizah (GVS 1025) F-1
Orion F-1
Sawssan F-1
GVS 1026 F-1
(Extended Shelf Life Semi-Determinate Hybrids)
Nawal F-1 TYLCV
(Extended Shelf Life Saladette Hybrids)
GVS 1029 F-1
GVS 1030 F-1
GVS 1031 F-1
(Dual Purpose Hybrids)
Aswan F-1
Five Star F-1
Hoda F-1
Karima F-1
Naderah F-1
Procc. No. 076 Faridah F-1
Remus F-1
Roma Italia F-1
Romeolus F-1
Royal Queen F-1
Sakher F-1
Sawan F-1
Wafa F-1
(Dual Purpose Extended Shelf Life Hybrids)
GVS 1000 F-1
GVS 1001 F-1
GVS 1002 F-1
GVS 1003 F-1
GVS 1004 F-1
GVS 1005 F-1
GVS 1006 F-1
GVS 1007 F-1
GVS 1008 F-1
GVS 1009 F-1
GVS 1010 F-1
GVS 1011 F-1
GVS 1012 F-1
(Processor Hybrids)
GVS 217 F-1
(Cherry Hybrids)
GVS 269
GVS 273
(Grape type Hybrid)
Jelly Bean F-1
Yellow Jelly Bean F-1
Turnip Nabo Navet
Purple Top White Globe
Seven Top
Watermelon Sandia Pasteque
All Sweet
Black Diamond
Cal Sweet
Charleston Grey No. 133
Crimson Sweet
Klondike Striped
Peacock Improved
Sugar Baby
GVS 9000 F-1 (Charleston Grey type)
GVS 9001 F-1 (Charleston Grey type)
GVS 9002 F-1 (Charleston Grey type)
GVS 53015 F-1 (Crimson Sweet type)
(Seedless Hybrids)
Ali F-1
Eva F-1
GVS 4940 (Charleston Grey type)
GVS 4941 (Charleston Grey type)
Julia F-1
Nena F-1
Para Uno F-1 (mini seedless)
Solitaire F-1 (mini seedless)
Delta 4 F-1 (mini seedless)

1. All prices F.O.B. shipping point.
2. All terms and conditions are subject to confirmation by Golden Valley Seed.
3. $1,000 minimum booking order.
4. All items are subject to pro rata delivery in case of crop failure or shortage.
5. All prices are subject to change without notice.
6. For new customers Golden Valley Seed requires either advance payment or
establishment of credit prior to shipment of seed.

Golden Valley Seed takes pride in the level of quality offered to seed distributors worldwide. While it is important to offer the best price possible, it is far more important to offer the best quality possible.

GoldenValley Seed will continuously strive to improve upon varietals quality, packaging, and customer service.

We at GoldenValley Seed appreciate your patronage and look forward to helping you with all of your seed needs.


WARRANTY: GOLDEN VALLEY SEED (HEREINAFTER VENDOR) warrants that the seed sold confirms to the label description within recognized industry tolerances.

DISCLAIMER WARRANTIES: VENDOR disclaims any and all other warranties, whether expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties regarding MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE or WARRANTY BY SAMPLE.

INTEGRATION: No warranty or representation regarding the seed sold, including but not limited to any warranty or representation regarding the seed's conformity with the label specifications, its description, origin, performance, or suitability for the locale season, growing conditions or agricultural practices, except as herein specifically warranted, shall be binding on VENDOR or have any force or effect. This WARRANTY AND LIMITATION OF DAMAGES together with VENDOR'S sales invoice constitute the entire agreement between VENDOR and any BUYER or consumer of the seed.

AMENDMENT: The terms of the WARRANTY AND LIMITATION OF DAMAGES may not be changed or amended in any way except by a writing signed by a duly authorized agent of VENDOR.

ACCEPTANCE OF CONDITIONS: Opening of any or all of the containers in which the seed received from VENDOR or failure to return the seed in unopened containers within 10 days of receipt thereof, whichever comes first, shall constitute acceptance of the terms of sale as contained in this WARRANTY AND LIMITATION OF DAMAGES.

LIMITATIONS OF DAMAGES: VENDOR'S liability in all cases shall be limited to the purchase price of the seed. VENDOR shall in no event be liable for consequential, incidental or other damages. As a condition precedent to any recovery against VENDOR, written notice of any claimed defect shall be delivered to VENDOR by certified mail, not later than 15 days after such defect is discovered and all unused seed returned to VENDOR in unopened containers. Any action which interferes with, delays, impedes, obstructs, or hinders VENDOR'S ability to determine the cause, nature and extent of the defect claimed shall constitute a complete defense to any actions against VENDOR.

INDEMNITY: If the seed purchased from VENDOR for subsequent sale or distribution, BUYER shall indemnify, defend at BUYER'S expense, and hold VENDOR harmless from any and all claims, losses, damages, or obligations arising out of or in connection with the sale, distribution, or handling of the seed, except for claims which confirm to the warranties and limitations provided above. No sale or distribution of the seed may be made unless the subsequent buyer or recipient of the seed agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions stated in this WARRANTY AND LIMITATION OF DAMAGES.

ATTORNEY'S FEES: The prevailing party in any action or proceeding regarding the seed or its purchase price shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney's fees and costs.

VENUE: Any action or proceeding commenced with regard to the seed or to recover the purchase price shall be commenced in the County of Imperial, State of California, or if BUYER, is not a California resident, then in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of California.

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